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Closets, kitchen, garage, 

office & open house staging

Dawn Jackson is The disORDER Doctor

About ME

Experienced Organizer


  • My journey began by helping friends get organized and then I quickly realized that I had a specialized talent 
  • I have always been able to "see"  how to organize and store things in a way that is both  logical and practical

Attention to Detail


  • I will consider your needs and provide customized solutions based on your space, lifestyle, and budget 
  • Letting go of things can be difficult; I will be sensitive to your unique concerns 
  • I will share organizing fundamentals that will stay with you for a lifetime

Customer Testimonials


Testimonial from Jason MBA/USAF Dublin, OH

I absolutely LOVE my closets! The daily stress over what to wear is gone now that I can see all of my clothes; putting them away is a breeze. It has been so easy to maintain my closet now that everything has a place. I can't wait to see what Dawn can do with my kitchen! 

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The disORDER Doctor

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